Getting To Know... Yueku

Get ready to meet indie pop artist Yueku, and his brand new EP, Little Less Noise!
Yueku. All photos: Gina De Maio
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Getting To Know... Yueku

My full name is… Christian Leng-Yue Koo, which as you can probably tell is where my artist name comes from.

My birthday is on... 1/7, Capricorn baby!

How do you identify... He/him

Three words my friends would use to describe me are… Prepared, chaotic and energetic 

My favourite place in the world is… Downtown Ferndale, MI. Especially in the fall. That place is magic.

One thing you must know about me is… I have what you need on me. Chapstick, portable charger, gum? I got you.

One surprising thing about me is… I am a huge gamer. CoD, Fortnite, etc. I want to WIN.

Something I can’t live without is… My two cats, Garbanzo and Alan.

My favourite meal is… Tonkatsu curry rice is my favorite comfort meal. It brings me back from my worst day.

My favourite thing from working on Little Less Noise is… Getting to make it with a lot of friends, and stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to collaborating. It was a win to do it together with their help.

What I hope resonates the most with the audience from Little Less Noise is… I hope it makes you want to dance, cry or run into the other room and give your person a big hug. I feel like there’s a handful of different moods on the EP, so if it makes you feel something then I’ll be thrilled.

One behind-the-scenes fun fact or story from Little Less Noise is… The intro instrument to “Marathon” that goes “bum bum bum” is my friend Carter Hardin’s voice pitched down. We initially were fooling around when making the song, but we thought that sound was super fun so we rolled with it.

A song I would recommend right now is… Favorite song right now is “Not That Nice” by Speed. Best band right now.

A TV show/movie I would recommend right now is… Barbie Barbie Barbie Barbie Barbie

The last dream I had was… Truthfully don’t remember, because I took a melatonin.

One piece of advice I would give my younger self is… Ask more questions, ask for exactly what you want or need help with, and be prepared so you can say “yes” to opportunity. The perfect time to do something doesn’t exist and sometimes you need to dive in headfirst to things, whether it’s a tour offer, session, etc.

What I love most about my heritage is… I used to struggle with this question a lot. Growing up, I sometimes wished I looked more like the other kids at school or ate the same food as they did more often.

As I’ve gotten older, I have learned to embrace & love my heritage & who I am. My dad is from Hong Kong, so dim sum has always been prevalent in my life. The idea of sharing a large meal with people you love will always be huge in my life.

You’re in a zombie apocalypse; what is your weapon of choice, and why? Hmm… barbed wire around a baseball bat. Something I can use up close but also create a little space with since it’s a longer object. Hoping I never find myself in that situation.

To me, diversity means… Celebrating different cultures & seeing more representation of them in our everyday lives. Growing up, I loved music but had very few role models I could look up to that looked like me. Nowadays, I see so many more Asian artists popping up who are incredible and it’s so exciting to see. I love that more Asian artists are challenging the stereotype that mainstream media has portrayed us as for so long.

Yueku can be found on Instagram and on all major streaming platforms.
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