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Sneak Peek: New Colour Character Art for The Matrix Resurrections!

Are we living in 2021 or 2000? It doesn’t matter anymore, because everything past is everything now: we’ve got a fourth Matrix movie coming and it looks slick as hell. The team breaks a few of the looks down.
Keanu Reeves for 'The Matrix Ressurections'. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.
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Sneak Peek: New Colour Character Art for The Matrix Resurrections!

Firstly, we bow down for no one but Keanu Reeves. It’s honestly wild to see how Reeves hasn’t aged a day, but also remembering that when he started making it big decades ago, he was one of the few consistent AAPI representations we got in Hollywood for a long while (Reeves has Native Hawaiian and Hawaiian Chinese lineage). So as we time travel back two decades into Matrix nostalgia, it’s nice to remember that at least some things have changed for the better, even if just by a margin.

Keanu Reeves for The Matrix Ressurections. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.

A new addition to the Matrix series, Priyanka Chopra Jonas is playing a yet-undisclosed part in The Matrix Resurrections. But there are already theories for her playing the new Oracle (precedence has been set by the previous trilogy for the Oracle to change appearances) given that her character art uniquely and blatantly shows her Matrix code containing both the blue and red colours.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas for The Matrix Resurrections. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.

It is interesting that Chopra Jonas, a Bollywood transplant to Hollywood, may have been casted as the 'new' Oracle, a character created by the Machines but helps the Humans; ambiguous, considered with uncertainty, existing at a solitary meeting point between two majorities. The Wachowski sisters have a consistent interest in their work taking traditionally archetypal boxes such as race and gender and transcending those labels to something far more freeing. I wouldn’t put it past them to have correctly identified an Asian actor as being especially capable at conveying an existence that teeters between absolutes.

In contrast to Chopra Jonas’s character design, the rest of the character art (Keanu included) exists boldly in monochromatic code and couture… do we really need more proof? 

Hopefully the rest of these looks seal the deal, and you’re just as excited as we are to re-enter the Matrix

Carrie-Anne Moss. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.
Eréndira Ibarra. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.
Jessica Henwick. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.
Jonathan Groff. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.
Neil Patrick Harris. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures.

The Matrix Resurrections hits theaters and HBO Max on December 22nd.
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