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“The Acolyte” Trailer: Our Favourite Moments

The next series to join the Star Wars franchise has surprised many, and we break down the reasons why.
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“The Acolyte” Trailer: Our Favourite Moments

In recent years, one of the most beloved franchises of all time has been pampered with new additions to its story in the form of series, and The Acolyte is the latest treat to be added to the buffet. &ASIAN picks apart the most notable moments from the trailer, and what we think this means for the show.

“This isn’t about good or bad. This is about power, and who is allowed to use it.” The franchise’s daring turn to focus on the bad guys’ perspective for once has polarised some, and delighted others. The words spoken by Aniseya – we’ll get back to her – nod to the franchise’s ever-present theme. What is a bad guy, if not a good guy with a tragic backstory? We’re hoping to see some new sides of the Dark Side in The Acolyte.

Mother Aniseya. The leader of a coven of Witches makes a couple appearances, leading many to speculate on her presence in the story. Many wonder if the coven is affiliated with the Nightsisters, or if they’re a sect on the Light Side, with her line in the trailer dividing opinions.

“Close your eyes.” The opening line spawned a few memes from the fanbase, but was part of several moments where we actually get to see many Jedi altogether in one scene – something fans have been aching to see again. 

Force-infused martial arts. It was refreshing to see more of the Force being used in a creative, unconventional way, giving viewers something a bit more interesting to watch. All we can hope to see is more of such imaginative choreography in the battles: a wish we have a feeling The Acolyte will fulfil.

Several Jedi are thrown off their feet. At the trailer’s climax, we see many Jedi beaten up with one blow of the Force after standing their ground ready for a fight. The quick shot makes us wonder who’s behind such immense power, and is just one part of the huge sense of mystery the entire trailer is wrapped up in. 

The trailer for The Acolyte is out now.
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