ATEEZ Returns To London: Unstoppable Passion, Unstoppable Power

In less than a year, the dazzling eight-member boy group touchdown once more in London at The O2 Arena.
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ATEEZ Returns To London: Unstoppable Passion, Unstoppable Power

One year ago, ATEEZ came to London to serve an ecstatic crowd of fans with a show that just as much celebrated the group's return to international touring as it did their bond with their fans. That was last March.

This time around, the group came back to the city of Big Ben (mentioned a few times by the group) and double decker red buses (another shout-out, this time courtesy of member Seonghwa), to put on a show worthy of one of the best selling boy groups of K-Pop's 4th Generation.

In the intervening year since they last visited British shores, the group had released a slew of new tracks, several of which have already racked up legendary track status. That these were finally performed to UK fans was a complete treat: 'Cyberpunk', 'Guerilla' and 'Sector 1' were but a few from the summer 2022 record THE WORLD, EP.1: MOVEMENT which got the crowd into a frenzy. The album itself was a record that raised that group's artistic cohesion and musical voice to new heights, and the group's intensity and creativity in performing these stages were raised to match.

Old classics were also given new life: 'MIST', 'Celebrate' and 'I'm The One (HEAT-TOPPING ver.)' popped up to the rapturous enthusiasm of the crowd, given that the former two tracks were not part of their previous tour's setlist, and the latter gave the group the opportunity to perform one of their most famous hits with a fantastic twist.

The group also went through many of their tried and true hits such as 'HALA HALA (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive)', 'Wave' and more. In this manner, a fine balance was struck between being careful to not serve more seasoned ATINY (the name for their fans) with a replica of a past show, whilst ensuring that ATINY seeing them for the first time would be able to experience a good mix of their hits, B-Sides and newer offerings.

The odd bystander outside The O2 would have surely been able to hear the screams and cheers of the devoted and passionate crowd that returned the energy the group brought to the stage. The venue has seen some of the best and brightest in the global music industry grace its stage; so many have brought their A-Game and then some to ensure that not a single moment in that massive arena would ever feel stagnant. In that respect, ATEEZ more than succeeded, showing why it was worth the upgrade for them to book the biggest UK venue they have ever graced.

Every stage was filled with either emotional intensity or brilliant dance skills or both, and a special mention must go to member Jongho, whose spectacular vocal control and clarity was so strong that it sounded as though he were singing mere feet away from you. Quite a feat, considering how vigorous many of the group's stages were.

All in all, perhaps ATEEZ should ensure that for every world tour they do in the future, they always stop by London: for their show is an easy recommend to even those unfamiliar with the group who just want to see a fantastic show. Between their dazzling performances and the way the crowd screamed and sang along to every song, ATEEZ have truly made the UK's capital their home away from home.

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