Dreamcatcher Keeps The Crowd Roaring In London

The seven-member girl group break the walls of the O2 Academy Brixton with their brilliance and powerful femininity.
Dreamcatcher light up the crowd in London. All photos: © Maddie Armstrong for &ASIAN. Please do not repost without crediting.
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Dreamcatcher Keeps The Crowd Roaring In London

Dreamcatcher, the scintillating septet from South Korea, have just wrapped up the European leg of their Apocalypse: Follow Us tour that covered five cities, kicking things off in Berlin before dancing all their way to Paris. At the group's London show on the 22nd of November at the O2 Academy Brixton, they were nothing short of incredible, with a setlist that boasted their unique sound and synchronised performances.

The girl-group is a diamond amongst gold. While the K-pop music scene is currently overflowing with talented female idols, Dreamcatcher shine in a way that sets them aside from others. If they’re not performing a powerful anthem layered with stunning vocals and a gorgeous rock guitar blaring in the chorus, they’re performing a high energy EDM track reminiscent of something out of a rave festival.

During their captivating performance for “Scream” that somehow combined both, as an EDM song with a heavy drop, the British crowd quite literally lost their minds. With a stage design featuring a background of red crumbling buildings erupting in fire, Dreamcatcher’s choreography was nothing short of powerful. Members Siyeon and Yoohyeon slowed it down in the bridge with melodic vocals, before the song picked back up again and carried the audience through to the final chorus, paired with sharp dances and hair flips.

It’s evident that this is a team whose line-up has never faltered, who compliment each other, and who know how to keep the crowd involved throughout. Often at concerts, a crowd, while still thrilled, might lose some momentum by the end. This could not be said of the thousands in attendance who roared as loud as the venue's speakers until the very end.

The group showcased their impressive discography with a faultless setlist. Dreamcatcher continued their beloved punk-ish rock sound in the goosebumps-inducing anthem “Break TheWall”, which gives power to those with quietened voices, and inspires with lyrics such as‘Don’t be afraid, don’t lose your faith, run no more.’ In “Silent Night”, the girls danced along to a well-produced electronic track that is simple, repetitive and addictive. Near the end, the song climbed unexpectedly to a fast-paced finale, and during “Wind Blows”, Dreamcatcher made sure the crowd got their money’s worth with a dance break that could kick devils out of hell.

In between the choreographed performances that filled the stage, the members were allowed a break of sorts with some choreography-light songs. They let themselves relax a bit, playfully interacting with each other and the crowd, simulating a personal closeness with the audience members. The audience waved their lightsticks along heartily to slower songs like “Rainy Day” and “Jazz Bar”. During the encore, members were seen giving each other piggyback rides, playing air-guitar, chasing each other around the stage, and even charging towards the audience before halting and bursting into a jump-dance. It was the least serious performance of the night, and the crowd loved it.

Dreamcatcher took frequent breaks to chat with the audience, offering sentiments about their time in London, and sharing affections with the adoring crowd. At the conclusion of this power-packed evening, the members took time to say their goodbyes and bow in gratitude. There seemed to be a mutual appreciation from both parties, and the members promised to return the love of the audience ten fold. The vibes, undoubtedly, were electric.

But the group’s high popularity in countries thousands of miles from their own is nothing but a testimony to their skill and deserving of the global praise they receive. We can only hope they continue in this path for a long time.

Tickets for the Dreamcatcher World Tour, running until June 2023, can be found here. Dreamcatcher can be found on Instagram, Twitter and all major streaming platforms.
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