(G)I-DLE Bring The HEAT

The five-member group HEAT things up in time for winter with new and long-awaited English-language debut EP, in collaboration with label 88rising.
(G)I-DLE for HEAT. Photo: 88rising / CUBE Entertainment.
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(G)I-DLE Bring The HEAT

Following the pre-release and music video of single ‘I DO’ on 14th July, girl group (G)I-DLE’s long awaited English debut EP ‘HEAT’ has been released; with an accompanying eight versions of the physical album and a second music video for title track ‘I Want That’, Neverland’s (the name for the group's fans) patience has certainly been rewarded.

In an interview with Billboard magazine, member Minnie explains; “Our fans have been so supportive, we think that it’s about time to give back and be more connected to them, so we came up with this album”. The new EP continues (G)I-DLEs girl power narrative with five tracks entirely in English, released under American label 88rising. The distinctly fiery designs across the jacket shoots compliment the equally fiery tracks. HEAT also gives fans (G)I-DLE’s the chance to enjoy a wide variety of physical album designs, with a selection of ‘Premium Sleeve’, digipak and member-specific versions.

Pre-release single ‘I DO’, an 80s synth-pop style track detailing a bittersweet envy, will be guaranteed a spot on your night-time-drive playlist. The Weeknd-esque vibe set an excellent mood for the rest of the album; where the group's previous hit ‘Queencard’ fits nicely within the recent K-Pop trend of TikTok-ready catchy choruses (with a dance to match), ‘I DO’ presents a refreshing new sound. The glassy, nostalgic tone along with the members’ signature harmonies is an absolute treat to represent the album; very much deserving of its entry on the Billboard Pop Airplay Chart upon its release, making (G)I-DLE only the second K-Pop girl group to secure multiple entries on the chart (the first being BLACKPINK).

‘I Want That’ follows, which is vaguely reminiscent of the group’s 2019 single ‘Uh-Oh’ in its potency. Where it follows their signature theatrics and grandeur like of a lot of (G)I-DLE’s previous title tracks, in the video there is much more focus on a visual narrative rather than the choreography or the performance. The beginning presents a mostly slow, cinematic style which contrasts the upbeat tone of the track; this makes for a super dynamic viewing experience. That, and the mini storyline has viewers completely hooked.

This energy is maintained over to the next track; ‘Eyes Roll’. Another highly catchy beat is carried this time by bold lyrics, which are quite cheeky even for (G)I-DLE, who are no stranger to explicit themes subtextually. “Hard to handle, best be careful when you work that ass” was quite an opening line. Following that is ‘Flip It’, a cool, rap heavy hip-hop track slows the pace a little before finally, ‘Tall Trees’, a heartfelt ballad, plateaus the mood nicely as the final track on the album.

Particularly observant listeners may note that this time the members’ creative input has been put on the back burner: it is certainly an oddity to see a (G)I-DLE album without a member credited, as the group has received continuous praise for their involvement in songwriting and creative direction. Regardless, with 88rising’s mission of “supporting and shining the spotlight on Asian talent around the world”, along with the group’s intention to give back to international fans, the album certainly did not disappoint.

HEAT is out now. Follow (G)I-DLE on Instagram here and all major music streaming platforms.

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