GEMINI On Touring, Love and Recreating "Still Blue"

Rapper and producer GEMINI opens up as he embarks on his Still Blue North American tour.
GEMINI. All photos courtesy of Unbound Entertainment.
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GEMINI On Touring, Love and Recreating "Still Blue"

Nerves and butterflies wouldn’t be two words to associate with Gemini, especially since he has just finished performing in Europe and attending Fashion Week in Paris. Though, to a group of selected press, he did mention feeling such emotions before going on his very first North American tour, he sees this as one of his first steps as an artist and felt a little bit of pressure, as one does before a similarly huge undertaking. 

Despite making his debut North American tour now, Gemini had been making waves in R&B since 2020 having first debuted with Jay Park’s label H1GHER MUSIC and featuring on the label’s compilation album. Later in the same year, he transitioned from H1GHER and signed with the label AREA— founded by the producing duo GroovyRoom — and released two singles, "Going" and "Broken Love".

He spoke at length about how, ever since he was younger, he always had dreams of becoming a singer. He mentioned watching MTV and other pop artists perform; with their music videos becoming a large part of his inspiration for becoming a musician. There had always been within him the desire to be a part of the hip-hop scene and instead of rapping, he took the route of R&B. These anecdotes connect to how he sees Frank Ocean as a major source of musical inspiration for himself. Not only that, but when asked as to what he’d been listening to as of late, he mentioned that Tame Impala had been frequenting his playlist. 

His tour comes off the back of having released his first EP Still Blue in December of 2022. The record is the result of having gone through a bit of a rebellious phase with music and wanting to express that a lot. Working together with his producers, they were able to bring his vision to life by showcasing a melancholic mood for the album. A part of the inspiration for the EP came from these similarly melancholic feelings in the movie Fight Club, where a bit of a pensive sadness is apparent throughout. However, Gemini thinks that there are times that you can actually savour the feeling of melancholy in his music.

As his North American tour name is named after his EP, he hopes to portray that same feeling and atmosphere to those who attend. He’s even mentioned that he had been thinking about remixing and rearranging some of his earlier works to fit the ambiance of the tour, and with this musical experience he hopes that people can relieve stress and be able to enjoy his show to the fullest: a good a reason as any to cop a ticket.

Tickets for GEMINI's Still Blue North American tour can be found here. He can found on Instagram, Twitter and all major music streaming platforms.
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