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Getting To Know... Leo Buckley

Get ready to meet Leo Buckley, one of the stars of the new play "Worth"!
Leo Buckley in Worth. Photo: Ikin Yum
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Getting To Know... Leo Buckley

My full name is... Leonardo Robert Umehara Buckley

My birthday is... April 27th

I identify as... He/him, Japanese, White & Brazilian

Three words my friends would use to describe me are... driven, funny, independent

My favourite place in the world is... São Paulo, Brazil

One thing you must know about me is... I started producing my own music in 2019 after I made one song for fun and seemed to get some good feedback from the public. I perform under the name Leoscappin. Now I have my own music video on GRM Daily and a song with nearly 200,000 streams. I don’t plan on stopping there as I know I have the musical ear and creative mind to go far with music.

One surprising thing about me is... I have mostly Japanese heritage but I was born in Brazil and lived there for a few years before me and my parents moved to London for better opportunities. The majority of my family still reside in Brazil and we visit them at least once a year. I will never forget how much Brazil and the people there mean to me.

Something I can’t live without is... I would probably say over everything; my friends and family. I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have extremely supportive people around me who are always rooting for me and excited for me and what I can achieve. Sometimes even more excited than me, which is so funny to me. I appreciate all of them.

My favourite dish/meal is... It would have to be either sushi, or any classic Brazilian dishes like feijoada.

My favourite thing from working on Worth is... Being able to work with actors and crew who have so much more industry experience than I do makes it a lot easier for me, not only to feel comfortable, but to learn my way around everything. I find it fascinating being able to watch everyone in the theatre environment and be directly involved in such a big project.

What I hope resonates the most with the audience from Worth is... the message that Worth is trying to convey. I interpret it as not taking life for granted in a way where money doesn’t mean everything and money comes and goes whereas the relationships you have and the relationships you make will stay with you forever, don’t jeopardise that over something of so little importance in the long run.

Sara Chia-Jewell, Jennifer Lim, Leo Buckley, Stephen Hoo, and Arthur Lee. Photo: Ikin Yum.

One behind the scenes fun fact or story from Worth is... I had to jump in to the cast only four days before our first showing. I was staying up extremely late and going in extremely early to cram in the knowledge of the play, blocking and lines that the rest of the cast had four weeks previously to perfect. I can confidently say that was the hardest I’ve worked for anything in my life.

A song I would recommend right now is... "Paris" by Leoscappin

A TV show/movie I would recommend right now is... Breaking Bad or Hunter X Hunter

The last dream I had was... I have no clue, but probably something involving people I haven’t seen for years for some reason.

One piece of advice I would give to my younger self is... Don’t dwell on prior mistakes. Mistakes are meant to be made. Look forwards and keep trying to progress.

What I love most about my heritage is... My heritage is very diverse which means that I have a lot of different cultures that have been implemented into my life. I enjoy everything that comes with my heritage: the food, the people, the entertainment. I especially love being able to feel belonging in places that I don’t necessarily live.

You’re in a zombie apocalypse; what is your weapon of choice and why? If I was going to go for the most effective choice I would probably go for some sort of automatic gun, only problem would be being able to find ammunition. But if we’re talking practicality I would probably go for some sort of baseball bat with a blade on it or even a really sharp medieval sword. I can’t wait for the zombie apocalypse, that’s going to be so fun.

To me, diversity means... I’d say diversity is about authentic and genuine inclusivity. Diversity to me is making every person feel as if they are not seen only for their race or identity but for what they add to the team.

Worth is currently running at the Chester Storyhouse.
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