Getting To Know... RESORT

Get ready to meet indie-pop musicians RESORT, and their brand new song "healthy"!
All photos courtesy of RESORT.
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Getting To Know... RESORT

My full name is....

📷 Kyle Emmanuel

😃 Sek Hao Ho: Ho’s my surname :)

💕 Victor Yee Zi Yang. I only got [the name] Victor at 13 though.

My birthday is on...

📷 11th of November

😃 21st November

💕 10 October! 10/10. Fun fact: I share the same birthday as Sek Hao’s wife Chloe and Kyle’s brother Keith.

How do you identify?

📷 A human being.

😃 He/Him, I come from a Malaysian-Chinese background, I’m Malaysian.

💕 A human being.

Three words my friends would use to describe me are...

📷 a loner, a ghost, an upbeat sorta person.

😃 visionary, sensitive, funny.

💕 full of banter, sensitive, chill.

My favourite place in the world is...

📷 the Maldives.

😃 as of now, Iceland (until I visit it).

💕 anywhere with great company.

One thing you must know about me is...

📷 I am a HUGE foodie

😃 I am a foodie, I love relaxing holidays (not too much on the agenda please), I love games (boardgames, PC games, console games, etc.) and I dream to be a full-time recording/touring artist with my band.

💕 I’m quite introspective and love self-aware people.

One surprising thing about me is...

📷 I love meeting new people and making new connections! I enjoy having conversations that matter and have depth in nature.

😃 I can move my ears? My entire forehead follows though. AND I’m pretty quick on my feet despite my size (welp)

💕 I can be very caring but very petty. Don’t cross me!

Something I can’t live without is...

📷 the gym and water! LEGIT!

😃 other than food and water, technology. So that means, my devices, electricity, air-conditioning - all the cool things in the world. That’s practically everything isn’t it

💕 my alone time!

My favourite dish/meal is...

📷 A Malaysian delicacy known as ‘Bak Kut Teh, a pork dish cooked in broth

😃 Fried chicken (...AS I’M WRITING THIS)

💕 chicken rice. I tell you the perfect one with the oil rice, juicy chicken and taugeh can’t be beat.

My favourite thing from working on “healthy” is...

📷 the promotional shoot!

😃 the conceptualisation of the song. The song was written over the span of the pandemic and things happened for one of the boys in the band. In the effort of trying to cope with the situation, I decided to immerse myself in the perspective, and started writing (or rather typing) down my thoughts into lyrics with an acoustic guitar in my lap and a mic to record everything.

Before I knew it, the entire song had been birthed in an hour with the right blend between melody and message - and all I had to do was re-record the guitar and my vocals separately. Later down the line, I sent the song over to our good friend, Chelsea (JAIE) to get her to do her own take on the second verse and the rest was history. It came together like two peas in a pod.

💕 seeing Sek Hao’s raw demo one night come a journey to what it is today. Also I got to make Kyle lie on the road for the photoshoot like the old Mr. Bean opening.

What I hope resonates the most with the audience from "healthy" is...

📷 that it’s perfectly okay and totally normal to have hurts and regrets, and that nobody’s alone and we all have each other to help us keep moving on.

😃 the feelings they get out from listening to "healthy".

I have always believed that music that makes people feel familiar feeling(s), brings comfort. That’s because of its relevance and the knowledge of knowing that somebody else outside of my circle (perhaps even on the other side of the world) has experienced love/pain/suffering in a similar way that I did.

💕 that we all go through tough seasons, regarding relationships with the people around us. Some are meant to be kept and some are meant to be let go. I hope it brings comfort and catharsis to them!

One behind-the-scenes fun fact or story when making the song is...

📷 We had a spontaneous photoshoot for the promotion of the song and it was the quickest shoot ever! We shot on the road and had funny passer-by moments. It was hilarious to see everyone’s reactions watching me take our shots lying flat on the road.

😃 Every time we hear JAIE’s line “done fantasizing of could’ve beens”, we hear ‘don’t fantasizing what could’ve been’ and we’re just like ‘what is she saying?’

I swear, we questioned her English. JOKES CHELSEA.

💕 The song started from an internal conflict with us. Looking back, we all had our own struggles: it was a pretty rough time for us.

A song I would recommend right now is...

📷 "Second Nature" by Bon Iver

😃 "healthy" by RESORT x JAIE

💕 "Do You Like Me" By Daniel Caesar

A TV show/movie I would recommend right now is...

📷 Interstellar

😃 The Last of Us: so freaking good

💕 Gudetama on Netflix! He’s an egg character in the Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Universe. The lore is that he can only be seen by lazy people... also he becomes president.

The last dream I had was...

📷 a zombie chase

😃 saving my wife from a home invasion.

💕 I can’t remember, but it was probably weird.

One piece of advice I would give my younger self is...

📷 don’t worry.

😃 start making music now and pushing it out. Breaks are fine, but don’t stop. The earlier you get started, the easier it becomes later on in the years. (Seriously wish I did that)

💕 that you’re doing great. Put yourself out there more and try new things! Some friends are real gems, keep those ones close.

What I love most about my heritage is...

📷 the food!

😃 my culture. It’s so odd (we’re Asian) in the way we love, but it’s so special as well because it’s definitely not void of love. The respect behind culture and our ancestral backgrounds is very humbling, and I guess just knowing where you come from really puts a perspective in living and building a legacy behind. Not necessarily about the kids but how we treat others that builds culture.

💕 the diversity of my country! We can speak so many languages and share our culture with each other.

You’re in a zombie apocalypse; what is your weapon of choice, and why?

📷 Weapon: handgun. Reason: it’s easy to carry while running and doesn’t make too much noise!

😃 Not a gun.

[From] World War Z: imma wrap my arms with magazines to defend from bites and to use my arms are shields. My weapon would be something long and sturdy (sharp hopefully) for long distance attacks and to keep things at bay. Not too heavy though, because it’s a hassle to carry stuff.

💕 The ray gun from Call of Duty.

To me, diversity means...

📷 a group of people from all places that takes joy in each other’s company whilst respecting/honouring and learning from each and every one’s various upbringings, cultures, religions and/or beliefs.

😃 diversity is living with respect for other people and appreciating culture. It is eye opening and world changing.

💕 embracing our differences, but staying united. Unity in diversity.

"heatlhy" is out on the 17th of Feburary. RESORT can be found on Instagram and all major streaming platforms.
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