Getting To Know... SHN

Get ready to meet singer-songwriter SHN, and her brand new single, "Britney"!
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Getting To Know... SHN

My full name is… my given name is Chloe Soh Shen Mun, and my stage name is SHN - which really alludes to my middle name ‘Shen’ - a name in which my mother treasured and named all of us kids with the same middle name.

My birthday is on… 10th October (:

How do you identify? She/Her, I’m a Malaysian Chinese singer-songwriter (:

Three words my friends would use to describe me are… I wouldn’t know so I asked a friend. Eunice answers: honest, patient and kind.

My favourite place in the world is… Home

One thing you must know about me is… I was raised by Taylor Swift

One surprising thing about me is… I quite enjoy cooking, despite having barely enough time to eat!

Something I can’t live without is… my family and friends

My favourite dish/meal is… this is hard to answer when you’re from Malaysia haha, but I most definitely appreciate the question. I’m going to name a few and you can’t stop me!

Our national dish is the ‘nasi lemak’: at its base, it’s coconut rice with chilli paste (called sambal), fried anchovies and peanuts, sliced cucumber and hard boiled egg. It’s served many different ways but my favourite is the one you get from roadside stalls where it’s wrapped in banana leaf. We call it ‘nasi lemak bungkus’ when it’s wrapped that way.

I also enjoy a good old fashioned ‘Ipoh Chicken Rice / Ipoh Hor Fun’: one’s rice and one’s noodles. But the way the chicken in both dishes is cooked is about the same. The chicken is poached in boiling water and then quickly dunked into cold water to stop the cooking process. And the sauce mixture of soy sauce, shaoxing wine, etc. makes the entire dish complete.

I could go on, frankly. But I’ll stop myself here.

My favourite thing from creating “Britney” is… I’m mighty proud of the lyrics on ‘Britney’: it came together so naturally and it fit like a puzzle piece onto the demo we were working on. When a song unfolds itself like that, you can’t help but feel like a divine hand did that.

What I hope resonates the most with the audience from “Britney” is… I hope that when people listen to ‘Britney’, they feel the need to dance along, that they would be able to laugh at themselves over possible past mistakes and dust it off their shoulders.

One behind-the-scenes fun fact or story from when I made “Britney” is… I wrote the chorus in the car five minutes away from home and just left it alone for a few weeks. Like, I didn’t know what to do with that idea haha. And when my producer, Samuel Tan, came to me with a demo that was very much leaning towards pop, I knew the chorus that featured “Oops, you can call me Britney ‘cause I did it again…” would be a perfect fit, referencing the Princess of Pop herself.

A song I would recommend right now is… Maisie Peters’ ‘Lost the Breakup’ is a bop.

A TV show/movie I would recommend right now is… The White Lotus!!!!!!!

The last dream I had was… I honestly cannot remember and that sux ):

One piece of advice I would give my younger self is… music is meant to be fun to make. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to merely ‘sell’. Sometimes you’ll forget that, sometimes I still do. But try not to (:

What I love most about my heritage is… besides the food, I love that we’re a communal bunch.

I think in a world that perpetuates individuality and independence, I am grateful I was brought up in a culture where meals are taken together, where family visit each other often (and if not often, then at least once a year during Lunar New Year). It’s a small thing, but also a big thing. I’ve also grown to appreciate and love the little etiquettes and practices I was taught, like addressing/calling your elders before digging into a meal, alongside all the values it has instilled in me.

You’re in a zombie apocalypse; what is your weapon of choice, and why? As Rapunzel has proven in ‘Tangled’, a frying pan would be a great choice because it is versatile: cook food and boil some water if you need to, and then knock some zombies out when you’re done.

To me, diversity means… wanting to understand and appreciate cultures of all kinds, and seeing a fairer representation of people with differing social and ethnic backgrounds portrayed in the media.

Britney is out now. SHN can be found on Instagram and all major streaming platforms.
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