How To Shine Like EVERGLOW: “ALL MY GIRLS” Tour in London

The K-Pop girl group perform the best of their discography - as well as a few surprises - at their long-awaited concert in London.
All photos: Maddie Armstrong
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How To Shine Like EVERGLOW: “ALL MY GIRLS” Tour in London

Beneath flower-shaped strobe lights and wearing stylish black outfits, danced the six adored girls who were set to blow the minds of all who came to see them. Sihyeon, E:U, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren pulled up to the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London on a chilly January evening, delighting fans who’d been waiting for them since their previous visit a couple years ago. The tour, named ALL MY GIRLS, felt like a calling for confident women to assemble, and brought many fans to the city, staving off the cold with passionate excitement over seeing the group.

There was a time the average K-Pop fan couldn’t escape EVERGLOW. If you weren’t playing “LA DI DA” or “Bon Bon Chocolat” through your headphones, your brain was playing it for you: your limbs itching to move along with the iconic dance moves. Back when the exploration of the genre was fresh and not as prevalent as it is today, “LA DI DA” was the crème de la crème of synth-pop songs, absolutely shaking the walls of the K-pop industry with its irresistible synths and accompanying lush vocals. The hit was amongst a few that Forevers (EVERGLOW’s fandom name) in London had been craving to see live, and their wishes were certainly granted, the performances of which earned the girls roaring cheers from the crowd.

Besides blasting the walls with what in essence was pure girl power, E:U and Mia laid down the mics to deliver an elegantly sensuous dance cover to Sam Smith’s “Unholy”, followed by the other members singing along to Little Mix’s “Shout Out to My Ex”. In addition to the nods to two of the country’s biggest stars, EVERGLOW paused to chat about their favourite pieces of British culture, name-dropping Harry Potter and Tottenham Hotspur F.C., which is popular among Koreans for its player Son Heung-Min.

There’s nothing more disheartening than when your favourite artist doesn’t put soul into showcasing what you’ve come to love, but whether owning the stage or interacting with fans, EVERGLOW were undoubtedly glowing to be there. There was a genuine joy as they fed off the fans’ fervour, assuring them it was reciprocated. This was one of the concerts that, without need for elaborate props or designs, felt alive, and it is to the girls’ credit that the energy stayed high all night.

Exhibiting sculpture-like formations, raps with purpose, and perfect vocals, EVERGLOW demonstrated in London that they’re a group that understands balance, and, over the years, have refined their performances. If they once more find themselves gracing London’s stages, we are assured that with EVERGLOW it will only get better and better.

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