Inside ONEUS’ Fairytale: The Boy Group on ‘La Dolce Vita’

ONEUS chat about their 10th mini album, touring Europe, and their plans for the future.
ONEUS for 'La Dolce Vita'. Photo: RBW.
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Inside ONEUS’ Fairytale: The Boy Group on ‘La Dolce Vita’

Grab your pearls and sandy mollusk friends, because the five mermaid princes are back in K-Pop town to talk about their voyages, and the treasures they’re picking up along the way. With the release of La Dolce Vita Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong and Xion came together to change up their spin on things with a new genre, and new challenges. In a special press interview, Hwanwoong mentioned that while their previous releases might’ve represented their identity, La Dolce Vita shows off their range. 

Seoho for La Dolce Vita. Photo: RBW.

Veering off from their last release PYGMALION's darker, orchestral-influenced EDM sound, the group went for a softer, more romantic vibe this time round, ticking yet another box off the concept bucket list. ‘La Dolce Vita’, meaning “the sweet life”, is an Italian phrase that promotes indulging in a lifestyle of pleasure: enjoying every blissfully mundane event. ‘Life is full of sweet moments, even if they are fleeting’, Leedo explains, "So I hope everyone can keep those moments in mind and live happily."

Leedo for La Dolce Vita. Photo: RBW.

In our world, it’s a much warranted reminder to embrace the peaceful things in life as much as possible. There are few simpler ways to do this than by referencing the poetic attitudes from two of the Romance languages. ONEUS takes on a latin vibe in title track ‘Baila Conmigo’, meaning “dance with me”, which involves Spanish lyrics and a splash of Moombahton. Not only is the track, which was also released in a fully Spanish version, a delightful gift to their Spanish and Latin American fans, but the latin touch is used to elevate the romantic tone of the lyrics. And if it weren’t poetic enough, the song is tied in with their fairytale concept. Xion explains, "It tells the story of how we escape from the current paradigm and enter into a fairy tale to become mermaid princes." With inspiration from The Little Mermaid, the singers are desperately beckoning their lover for one last dance, before being separated by the wall between sea and land.

Keonhee for La Dolce Vita. Photo: RBW.

ONEUS are notorious for their enchanting concepts. In the past, the band boasted their traditional Korean culture in music videos for ‘Lit’ and ‘Luna’, played with flamethrowers in a neon dungeon in ‘No diggity’, and exuded pure funk in ‘BLACK MIRROR’. This time, the band went all in on the mermaid idea. The mini album gained a bit of attention from all corners of the online K-Pop fan community at its release due to its pure beauty; the physical album features delicate artworks of the boys as mermaids, and the digital cover shows the weightless serenity of one submerged in water. Whether it’s the illustrations, the lush set design, the lyrics or the choreography, each plays a part in the storytelling.

Keonhee for La Dolce Vita. Photo: RBW.

Following the release of the EP, the boys swam across Europe for their second world tour, which they had been eager to bring to the continent for the first time. "I felt that many people had loved and waited for us for a very long time, and I wanted to repay them," Keonhee shared, when reflecting on the warmth they’d received from European fans at HallyuPopFest London last year. 

The members of ONEUS can’t go long without mentioning their fans, TO MOON. When asked about their goals, all members put emphasis on staying together as long as possible, and making even happier memories with fans. The boys heartfully gave credit to each other for the supportive environment they’ve built, and how their good relationship as a team has helped them persist without tiring, even through trials. "There are so many things I couldn’t have done if I were alone," Hwanwoong admitted.

Xion for La Dolce Vita. Photo: RBW.

Their brotherhood is simply endearing, and their steady success is sure-fire proof of the importance of such a dynamic. With the European tour having recently come to a close, the boys have successfully wrapped up another adventure. Sometimes they’re a little whimsical, sometimes they’re utterly graceful, but ONEUS always nail the concept. We can’t wait to see what they’ll come out with next.

La Dolce Vita is out now. ONEUS is on Instagram and all major music streaming platforms.
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