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Kung Fu Panda’s Top 5 Most Iconic Moments

To celebrate the release of Kung Fu Panda 4, we select the top five most iconic moments of the popular series.
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Kung Fu Panda’s Top 5 Most Iconic Moments

Kung Fu Panda is one of Dreamworks’ most beloved series due to its charming characters and a world that gives room for so many epic stories. Picking just five iconic moments was a tricky feat, but here’s our selection!

5. “Finally, a worthy opponent!” (Kung Fu Panda - 2008)

Before meeting Po the dragon warrior – a title he failed to attain himself – Tai Lung battles the Furious Five on a bridge in their attempt to stop him from getting to the Valley of Peace. While the fight doesn’t end so well for the good guys, it does birth the most memed line out of the whole series, and thus earns its seat amongst the most iconic moments.

4. Shen is obliterated (Kung Fu Panda 2 - 2011)

In a stunning scene preceded by Po’s surprise return before Shen and hilariously failing to shout his speech from the rooftops, the two face it off amongst the wreckage of boats. Po bounces Shen’s deadly cannonballs back towards him, and in a final show of one another’s mentality, Po chooses peace of mind, while the other causes his own demise.

3. Shifu begins to train Po (Kung Fu Panda - 2008)

While many of the best moments in the series consist of epic battles, we couldn’t leave out Po’s training to become the dragon warrior, which he responds to swiftly when Shifu uses his love of food as motivation. The scene is comical but pivotal to Po’s evolution, and teases a glimpse of the master he later becomes.

2. “I’m the big fat panda.” (Kung Fu Panda - 2008)

While fighting for the dragon scroll, Tai Lung thinks he’s got Po right where he wants him, but the panda is in fact the one with the upper hand all along. He delivers the iconic line that spawned many “edits” on social media, and proceeds to skadoosh Tai Lung to the spirit realm. Truly an epic moment.

1. Po defeats Kai (Kung Fu Panda 3 - 2016)

In the magnificent fight sequence between Po and Kai, we get so many golden moments in just the span of a few minutes. When it seems like the fight against Kai has been lost, Po commits self-skadoosh, taking Kai with him to the Spirit Realm and saving his family and friends. Then he masters chi like it’s NBD with the help of his friends from the outside and defeats Kai for good. To top it all off, Oogway returns, and appoints Po as the next spiritual leader. Not only is the entire sequence a gratifying end to the film, but the animation is some of the most beautiful to come out of the 2010s.

Kung Fu Panda 4 is out now.
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