Like Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe: Chung Ha Slays Again

The beloved soloist makes her first comeback since hopping agencies with brand new single “EENIE MEENIE”
All photos: MORE VISION.
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Like Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe: Chung Ha Slays Again

Texas raised K-Pop queen Chung Ha has got some tips for you. In her run she’s gained local and global popularity for her hits “Roller Coaster” and “Gotta Go”, imprinting her mellifluous voice into the brains of all who gave them even one listen. After breaking off from her previous agency, the singer joined up with MORE VISION last year and many fans have since been anticipating her return. Finally the wait’s over, and this time she’s coming for blood.

Chung Ha makes the bold move to reintroduce herself with “EENIE MEENIE”, a song with only light instrumentals, putting her vocal prowess under a spotlight – something only a good vocalist can pull off – putting all the stakes on her ability rather than relying on instruments or production to detail the song. The double bass and the grimy guitar strums entice and tease, which the singer pilots with confident verses: “Cuz I’m feeling at my best, I ain’t taking no less / Than every kinda flavour of a new sensation / I’m taking dives, oh I wanna lose my mind / To the rhythm of a new vibration”. She infuses so much attitude where it fits; the final “moe” almost sounds accusatory. 

There’s no shortage of street style gilets in the music video, and with all the furs, glossy reds and rhinestones, it’s evident her styling hasn’t suffered from the management change. The dance is fun and easy-going, you almost want to be a part of it. Featuring rapper Hongjoong of ATEEZ synergises well with Chung Ha, switching up rhythms mid-verse with a charismatic flair that only elevates the singer more once she takes back the mic. 

Deep house uptempo banger “I’m Ready” absorbs all the energy that “EENIE MEENIE” is too cool for, with some online asserting it should’ve been the promoted single instead: but with everyone agreeing it’s a hot track. You’re on the edge of your seat at the sound of Chung Ha’s intensity, and the repetitive choruses pile on the power with each line. It’s the perfect anthem to declare her fiery spirit blazes just as bright as before, and the days of waiting and uncertainty are over.

Honey falling into a jar would probably be the best way to describe a voice as sweet and smooth as Chung Ha’s; flowing without wavering and improving everything it touches. “EENIE MEENIE” is bite-sized compared to how much new music fans are aching to hear of the singer, but the 6-minute run will suffice for now: we’re confident she’ll be back in no time. 

EENIE MEENIE is out now. Chung Ha can be found on Instagram and all major streaming platforms.
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