Odd Eye Circle Take London for Their First Ever Tour

Previously a sub-unit of LOONA, Odd Eye Circle step out of the casket: and jump straight into their ‘Volume Up’ Europe tour.
All photos: Maddie Armstrong for &ASIAN.
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Odd Eye Circle Take London for Their First Ever Tour

The girls are back, and they’re here to stay. Having arisen from the ashes of their formerly active group LOONA, trio Odd Eye Circle made their reboot just last month with ‘Version Up’, delighting fans. The mini album gave everyone what they wanted; as members of the queens of future bass themselves, it’s no surprise that the girls’ first release in over five years contains generous amounts of the EDM sub-genre that reigned over K-Pop in 2017-2019.

Title track ‘Air Force One’ adds a trendy slice of Jersey club to the mix, and similarly to how the album caters to both nostalgia and evolution, Odd Eye Circle’s setlist in London killed two birds with one stone: giving old timers their LOONA-era fix, as well as introducing all to their new chapter in sound and style. 

The girls opened the show with three solo performances, establishing their individual flair. Kim Lip enchanted the audience with ‘Eclipse’, followed by JinSoul’s ‘Singing in the Rain’ which incorporated poles into the routine, and finally youngest member Choerry charmed all with ‘Love Cherry Motion’. It wasn’t until their sixth song ‘Uncover’ that the girls finally assembled on stage as three, having slipped into flowy white ensembles (the first of many wardrobe changes). 

Despite their long time in the industry, and with their original group’s future in disarray, Odd Eye Circle possess a freshness that seems untainted by the circumstances. There is much one can enjoy in the members' performances: their vocals pleasantly sweet, their music range varied enough, and an overall image one can only describe as glossy. 

Of their 18-track setlist, the girls performed several songs from their only release since their renewal, and besides a cover of Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’, mostly performed the old and beloved, including ‘LOONATIC’ and ‘Girl Front’, before wrapping up the night with bubblegum pop hit ‘Hi High’. The fans in attendance had filled the floor, supporting the girls with a bright and welcoming energy at their first tour stop.

While some concerts are explosive, Odd Eye Circle’s show at the O2 Forum Kentish Town was more like a fun and intimate reunion. Beneath the lights of red, purple and blue were many lightsticks in the shape of a royal staff - these being a relic of LOONA’s fandom - swaying along to the beat as the trio danced on stage. It’s a small reminder of where they came from, while celebrating the girls’ new beginning.

Odd Eye Circle can be found on Instagram here and on all major streaming platforms.
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