P1Harmony Aim To Blaze A New Trail With Their Second US Tour

The six-member group share with us what they hope to bring to the stage in their special P1ustage H: P1ONEER pre-party press conferece.
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P1Harmony Aim To Blaze A New Trail With Their Second US Tour

In an intimate press conference prior to kicking off their P1oneer Tour in Los Angeles, the sextet consisting of Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob expressed their hopes for the future, what they hope to accomplish when touring and what they’re most excited for as they venture out on their second tour across the US. With new cities added onto the list this time around, they’re excited to meet with P1ece they hadn’t had a chance to meet with yet, from all across America.  

Following the release of their fifth mini-album HARMONY: SET IN in November 2022, P1Harmony was quick to turn around their second US tour. Sitting in their hotel room, all dressed in brown suits, the vibe they emitted was comfortable and they seemed eager to set off on their newest venture. The members were excited to revisit fans that they had the opportunity to meet in their previous tour in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago; but with newer cities added to their tour list, they’re looking forward to see not only their fans but be able to experience the different atmospheres and energies from city to city. For instance, Jiung mentioned that he really would like to try Nashville hot chicken!

The experiences they had from the previous tour influenced how the group would navigate and prepare. They felt as if the first time around – with restrictions starting to loosen for COVID – it was a chance for them to get to interact with their fans on an international scale and just focus on having fun. With this tour, Theo – who was very involved with the tour's creative process – really monitored and helped fine-tune their performances and the way they planned to interact with their fans so that “[they] could be cool while having fun.” This was something of note that they put emphasis on for P1ece to look out for when attending their shows.

Jeongseob also stated that with this new tour there’d obviously be new songs and performances that fans could expect; however, throughout last year, not only with their first tour, but also with the festivals they had the opportunity to perform at, the group was able to grow and are now excited to show P1ece how far they come and how they’ve improved. 

Keeho did give a spoiler of a few points that he and the group would love fans to interact with during the show. Three songs to look out for in particular were ‘Scared’, ‘Follow Me’, and ‘Do It Like This’. The way that he explained it was that there would be chanting and “a little tiki taka moment” between them and the crowd. 

With P1Harmony’s ever-growing international popularity, it’s only natural that they would love to travel the world and meet even more of their fans. When asked as to where they’d like to travel for an international tour in the future, they would hope they have the chance to visit New Zealand, Australia, France, Canada, Brazil and Latin America. Though, until that happens, right now the group is focusing on doing their best to provide the best showmanship they can, to leave fans with a great and undoubtedly memorable experience.

Tickets for P1Harmony's P1oneer Tour can be found here. P1Harmony can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and all major streaming platforms.
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