P1Harmony Charm on ‘Fall In Love Again’

On this catchy new single, the six-member group shed their rigid, something-to-prove exterior to embrace the carefree optimism of young love.
P1Harmony for "Fall In Love Again". Photo: FNC Entertainment.
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P1Harmony Charm on ‘Fall In Love Again’

On ‘Fall In Love Again,’ P1Harmony invite you to dive headfirst into something new, a scary path, but hopeful and exciting all the same. It’s a confection so sweet that even for the most jaded in love, it’s hard not to crack a smile.

Following the direction of ‘Love Me For Me,’ a jazzy Surfaces-adjacent B-side on their last mini-album, the group continues to shed more of the rigid, something-to-prove exterior that permeates the majority of their sound. In turn, they make way for a carefree, spry softness akin to passing a love letter mid-lecture; having youthful innocence on their side allows lines like, “Good guys are a blessing”, to be delivered with charm. Love, at least in its most childlike form, can be as simple as this: “You should be riding with me.”

P1Harmony for "Fall In Love Again". Photo: FNC Entertainment.

In the Grammy-gilded hands of producer Tricky Stewart and Believve, clean vocals and a bouncy delivery of raps written by members Jongseob and Intak poured over a bed of buoyant synths round out the recipe for a bright and breezy earworm. Where the lyrics insist on taking a risk, the track itself does less so; it’s conventionally catchy, but endearing nonetheless.

“I was personally very nervous to record [this song] because this would be our first time recording something from top to bottom completely in a studio that isn’t our own in South Korea,” reveals P1Harmony leader Keeho, and it’s maddening to even consider where they found the time; the P1USTAGE H : P1IONEER tour, the mainspring of their massive 2023, has kept the group on the road for nearly the entire year. Still, unfamiliar surroundings don’t hinder their patent confidence and optimism from coming through.

November takes the sextet across Europe and Japan for the last leg of said tour before they trek back to the US for the famed iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in Fort Worth, TX (November 28) and Los Angeles, CA (December 1) to end on a holiday-themed high. ‘Fall In Love Again’ closes out the year as both a last gift to fans and a taste of what’s to come.

"Fall In Love Again" is out now. P1Harmony can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and all major streaming platforms.
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