P1Harmony’s Got The Secret Sauce

The ascendant K-Pop group returned to New York City for the eighth show of their twelve-stop US tour.
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P1Harmony’s Got The Secret Sauce

Even before entering Terminal 5, the venue was already teeming with excitement as P1Harmony fans (otherwise known as p1ece) waited for P1Harmony to take the stage. 

As the lights dimmed in the venue and the show’s first VCR played, screams filled the space and the silhouettes of the sextet appeared in front of the crowd before they performed the their first couple of songs from their most recent mini-album HARMONY: SET IN. The crowd went wild for ‘Look At Me Now’ and ‘Back Down’, as well as a song that Keeho had mentioned previously that he was excited to perform in front of the crowd: ‘Scared’, from the group’s second mini album. These three songs alone kicked up the energy in the space and prepared the crowd for an amazing experience.

The interaction and attention was the name of the game throughout the entire show, which ebbed and flowed well to keep the audience excited for every stage. For example, there was great balance between showing off their own discography and the cover stages that the members had planned and performed the revealed other sides to the members. When Theo started singing ‘21’ by DEAN, the crowd collectively swooned from hearing the familiar tune; these moments allowed each member and unit to really showcase their expertise, as well as treating to their fans to songs from other well known artists too. 

Even the VCRs which transitioned between segments of the show were well thought out and even encouraged the audience to participate in a game that the group was playing within the video. When member Theo had mentioned in press before the tour that they were meticulous on how the group wanted to interact with p1eces on tour, it was clear through such engrossing elements in the production how they truly were successful in doing so, with the audience engaged throughout via various elements.

During the latter portion of the show, the crowd was hyped back up with the group’s debut song ‘Siren’ and sparked more interaction between the crowd and themselves. The laidback, comforting cocoon vibes in.‘Gotta Get Back (feat. Pink Sweat$)’ had the crowd swaying from left to right, and when the group exclaimed that New York was - so far - the best city that sang along to their extensive set list, there were resounding cheers from the audience.  

Though it’s only been a couple of years since their debut, P1Harmony shows how they keep on growing through their sheer force of energy. Quite simply: group has definitely got the sauce when it comes to putting on a great show for their fans. 

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