Priyanka Yoshikawa: The B-Sides

In the epilogue to Priyanka's exclusive interview with &ASIAN, we share a couple of extra cuts from her photoshoot, as well as an extra video and special comments from Priyanka, photograph Stephan and more.
All photos by Stephan Jarvis.
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Priyanka Yoshikawa: The B-Sides

Our &ASIAN team in the US and the UK worked with both Priyanka and photographer Stephan Jarvis to create the images you see in the shoot. Helmed by New York based Yin Ting Lau as the creative director for the shoot, &ASIAN were able to collaborate even with the 6739 miles between Priyanka, Stephan, and the rest of the team.

As with all subjects of &ASIAN shoots, Priyanka was encouraged to style and dress herself precisely as she wished.

She told us her inspirations:

"After sharing what kind of look I wanted to bring to the interview, I realized that I didn't need to prove or change myself to the world, so I dressed myself like how I would usually do because that would be the 'real' me.

I was into that pink color that week and it made me feel cute and happy so I wore it. For the white dress I wanted something simple yet something that would stick out and blend so I chose the color 'white'."

British-born photographer Stephan Jarvis had plenty of vision for his shoot for Priyanka having worked in Japan for years. His bright, larger than life work tied in perfectly with Priyanka's own sunny and engaging personality.

"The concept for the shoot was a collaboration between me, Priyanka and Ting," said Stephan. "We all wanted to show Priyanka’s strong yet feminine side, so I chose to shoot in Tokyo’s Kyū-Furukawa Gardens, as opposed to a more urban environment, since I felt this would enhance the aspects of Priyanka’s character we were looking to portray.

"I knew that the rose garden would be in full bloom, giving us a wonderful color palette to work with that we could compliment with the more earthy tones of the rest of the garden."

Working with shadows and the early morning sun added an extra sense of elegance to the images and more pop to the colors. Priyanak’s self-chosen wardrobe and ease in front of the camera gave us plenty of opportunity to work on a variety of poses and create a beautiful balance between her and the environment."

"It's always a treat to work with artists and talent such as Stephan and Priyanka who are interested in innovating the ways our public figures wish to be seen and portrayed," said Creative Director Yin Ting Lau.

"The trust that comes from such collaborative dialogue can truly be seen in these transcendent images, with Stephan's punchy palette and compositions highlighting Priyanka's confidently mysterious yet playful side, all in an unbelievably sublime environment."

MUKOOMI's website can be found here. Priyanka Yoshikawa can be found on Instagram.
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Photographer Stephan Jarvis can be found on his website and Instagram.
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