The Work That Made Me: Singer Komorebi

Talented composer and songwriter Komorebi has just released her sci-fi inspired sophomore album, 'The Fall'. She takes us through some of the music that has inspired her the most, and why!
Photo courtesy of Komorebi
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The Work That Made Me: Singer Komorebi

Jóga by Bjork

The string movements and the complicated rhythms have continued to inspire and move me for many years now. Plus I love the music video.

The Rip by Portishead

A dark and twisted song that encapsulates time I spend alone in my room winding down, listening to music from the 90s.

The Moment I Said It by Imogen Heap

I will always be in awe of how Imogen carries herself as an artist, of her vocal prowess, harmonies and control.

All Is Full Of Love by Bjork

The use of harp, electronic beats and calming vocals that soothe you into accepting love that you don’t think you deserve. A masterpiece.

Hyperballad by Bjork

Michell Gondry on the video, an analog electronic fever dream. The song is about imagining yourself in perilous situations to remind you of why you’re lucky to have your safe, boring partner.

Present Tense by Radiohead

This song was the first one I heard off their new album, and I was so blown away by Johnny Greenwood's guitar and ambient work. The guitars on this are so emotional. Thom sings about dancing as his world comes crashing down.

Weird Fishes by Radiohead

A signature beat, once you hear it you can’t un-hear it. One of my favourite all time songs about sirens and the wonders beneath the ocean, how they lure us in.

On the Precipice of Defeat by Shiro Sagisu

An anime classic! Plays constantly in bleach whenever something serious is about to go down. So much eccentricity in a single score.

Komorebi's new album The Fall is out now. Komorebi can be found on Instagram here and on all major music streaming platforms.

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