Lea Huening: A Year Defined By Change

We catch up with the model, actor and web star Lea Huening after one year, as she chats to us about her upcoming work, seeing family in concert, getting to work with GOT7's Youngjae and much more!
Lea Huening. All photos courtesy of Lea Huening.
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Lea Huening: A Year Defined By Change

One year can change a lot about a person: from their hopes and dreams to something as simple as their morning routine. Last year, Lea Huening was navigating being a model, actor and online star in a world still dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, she sat down with &ASIAN to tell us about her life, identity and goals.

One year on, she provides new perspectives on some of the snapshots and clips she shared with us last time, and takes us month by month through the moments that have stood out to her over the past year!

A Snapshot a Year

Lea was asked several simple questions last year to give us an insight on her life and loves, and she's back to tell us how her answers have changed. Take a look at what she said before scrolling down as Lea breaks down her past 365 days!

September 2021

Highlight of the Month: I did a programme called TC Kids, my company's programme. I did I was the MC there too: me and another model, we were the MCs.

Word of the Month: Light 

Song of the Month: ‘Dynamite’ by BTS. That month I think we did a cover?

When I was doing it on TC Kids, I danced to Dynamite and we wore clothes similar to them! 

October 2021

Highlight of the Month: On my YouTube channel there is a video where I went to a coffee shop. It's not only a coffee shop, you can also draw pictures there. So I went there with my friend and then I filmed there; but I wouldn't say it was for YouTube. I just went there with her to draw pictures, but we were having so much fun in there. So we were like, “Let's make a video!”  

Word of the Month: Congratulations!

Song of the Month: ‘Ice Cream’ by BLACKPINK.

I really like this song, my sister did it [on Girls’ Planet 999]. I'm proud of her.

November 2021

Highlight of the Month: This was my last college year because I graduated. So in November I was preparing for my graduation performances.

Word of the Month: Nervous

Song of the Month: ‘빨래’ from the musical ‘빨래’.

The performance was a musical called 빨래 in Korean. I was playing the main character 서나영 (Seo Na Yeong). There is a song called '빨래' which means 'Laundry', it was my main song and I really enjoyed it.

December 2021

Highlight of the Month: December was when I did my graduation performances for college. The performances were before Christmas, maybe?

Word of the Month: Graduate

Song of the Month: ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey.

I really love Christmas medleys [and songs], and this song is my favourite!

January 2022

Highlight of the Month: My birthday! I didn't do something, I was just at home, but then my friends came by and wished happy birthday to me! That's all it was, but it was really touching because I didn't tell my friends and I didn't want it to make it big, but they knew it was my birthday so when they came by so it was really… [smiles] I liked it.

Word of the Month: Happy Birthday!

Song of the Month: ‘BIRTHDAY’ by Anne-Marie

February 2022

Highlight of the Month: It was my first time acting in a drama, a web drama that isn't out yet.

Word of the Month: New beginnings / new start

Song of the Month: “This Is Me” by Demi Lovato

March 2022

Highlight of the Month: I did a modelling lookbook that month! I think it was my very first one. That was a new start for my modelling career too.

Word of the Month: Working

Song of the Month: ‘시작’ by GAHO

시작 means start. I really felt like it was the month where I could start a new life, [especially] after graduation.

April 2022

Highlight of the Month: That was when my company made their first music drama. I didn't actually act in it, but I was the… slate girl? I learned a lot about how to act, because seeing how the [actors] act helps me learn. I really liked that.

Word of the Month: Learning

Song of the Month: ‘180°’by BEN

This was the song that was in the music drama! 

May 2022

Highlight of the Month: This was the month when I did the music video! It was the music video for ‘Sugar’ by Youngjae (from GOT7). That was really cool. There were a lot of [my] company’s models there, but I also met new people and I really talked with them a lot, so I learned a lot. I made new friends there!

The film was also fun because Youngjae was so nice. He was really, really nice. All the directors too, they were also very nice. It took all day to film, but I didn’t get that tired! Doing it made me happy and everyone was so good. It was a really good opportunity for me and I enjoyed doing it.

Word of the Month: Let’s go!

Song of the Month: ‘Sugar’ by Youngjae (from GOT7)

June 2022

Highlight of the Month: I did a new MC programme in June. I met new people, new MCs there and at first I was really nervous because there were many seniors there, but I was [only] a beginner. So I was like, “How can you do what you do, and do it so well?” But they were so nice! They helped me a lot and I really liked how I could talk to them. I learned a lot there too. Oh, that was really why I really want to do [more] as an MC.

Word of the Month: Confidence!

Song of the Month: ‘Wannabe’ by ITZY

July 2022

Highlight of the Month: I went to my brother's concert in July. That was actually the first time I’ve seen him perform [like that]. When I went to a [fan]live before, was that was not really a concert. It was like, him talking with and to fans [as well]. That was… not quite a concert.  

So it wasn't my first time to watch him dance and sing, but it was really like… I didn't cry, I didn't cry! But the first time they came out, I felt like, [makes a surprised, amazed expression]. After that I was like [makes a happy, proud expression].

Like it's, you know, I’ve known him my whole life. When they came out for the first time… I don't know exactly what the feeling was but I was so… touched? Emotional? I was like, “Ah, wow, really?” I don't know!? [Smiles] But I really was surprised. Really surprised. It was my first time watching my baby brother! I was like, "Wow [gasps]!" He has grown up really fast.

Word of the Month: Family

Song of the Month: ‘Frost’ by TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

This is a song that my brother opened! It’s so good. So good!

So… I really didn't know he could act. At first I didn't know it was him, at first I saw only a silhouette so I thought it was another member. But his voice came out and I was like “Ah!” I was so shocked! He was so good, I really liked it.

August 2022

Highlight of the Month: Today’s interview! Wooo! After one year I did it again!

Word of the Month: Not Shy!

Song of the Month: ‘Sneakers’ by ITZY

These days I listen to ITZY songs a lot, because they really make me feel more confident. I like their new song ‘Sneakers’. They have a lot of songs, a lot of songs [I like] like ‘Dalla Dalla’, ‘Wannabe’ and ‘Not Shy’. They are all about, “Oh, we can do it, be confident!”

Hot Or Not: One Year On

Last year, we asked Lea to telll us what stuff she loves right now, and what stuff she wishes she hadn't liked quite so much in the past. What's changed this year? What are her favourite songs right now? Take a look to see what's trending in Lea's world in 2022!

Lea Huening appears in web drama M Mute and is an MC for Season 2 of the All-Review Show which airs on Dong-A TV at 8pm KST on Fridays. She can be found on Instagram and YouTube.
Last year's feature and special B-Sides with Lea can be found here and here.
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